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Every year there are actually more and more places for DJs to DJ in Hong Kong. Not like we actually have a lot more nightclubs for people to go to each year, but what we like to call multi-functional venues are popping up every month.  These are venues that have food, reservations and seating, DJs until late, not to loud so you can talk to your friends as well as a wide variety of drinks on offer.


Because of the high rents in Hong Kong there has been quite a major shift from the typical nightclub model to restaurants operating late and often changing their lighting, table settings to layout to transform to a late night venue after dinner service is all done.

So with this shift in mind, you can now see DJs at bars and restaurants late into the night. Generally they do not have the best setup with a decent area just for them and all the best equipment they would like, but at least we have do have someone that is there DJing and working on the music direction throughout the night instead of the playlist.

So how to get more bookings? Well some of these you may say are common sense, but we will list out as many as we can think of and see which ones you are doing and which ones you are not and get to it!

Of course do stand out and figure out your unique identity and music style as an artist is always something that we always believe artists should do.


1)    Firstly get a variety of photos done, of head shots, different locations, black and white, with backgrounds and without, shots from events. The more variety the better as these can be used for a variety of different pitches from corporate events to nightclub bookings. Do not forget to update them as often as you can and keep them in is high quality as they may be needed for print. Create an easy access link to these images online so it can be shared to anyone instead of attaching them to emails. Also label each of them what it shows so people can easily find what they want.

2)    Get an updated biography (in a word document so it can be used by those booking you). This should be a summary of what you have done and your achievements from venues you have played to artists you have supported. Always get someone else to check it for you. For those booking you they want to know what you have achieved so they can highlight those points when they are marketing you.

3)    Arrange a variety of different DJ mixes that cover all the styles you play. Do update these too and try to record them as often as you can so you have something as reference. Not everyone can afford to do this, but video really does help a lot in securing bookings.

4)    Do update your IG and FB page with all the information and include some form of contact on these so people can find you if they are interested in making a booking.


1)    Nightclubs and Restaurant Groups often have a music director or an agency managing all of their bookings. Try and find out who that is and then reach out to them with your details.

2)    Search online for Event Companies and PR companies as they often look for DJs for private and corporate events. Get in touch with them and do not just do it once, reach out to them every couple of months so they are reminded about you and that you are free for bookings.

3)    Just go out and make a note of what venues you see a DJ playing and then reach out to that venue. You will often see DJs in all kinds of places from stores to small bars.

4)    If you are legally allowed to work in Hong Kong then of course it is easier to get bookings. If you are planning to come to Hong Kong and have some booking opportunities, but need assistance with an employment visa then you can contact as they can assist with the process (852) 28157919 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They can assist with short term (one off booking) and long term employment in Hong Kong.

5)    Get some business cards made so at least when you are out and you are meeting new people you can easily pass them your details in case there is a future booking opportunity with them.

6)    Search online for certain key words and if there are any directories, companies, listings etc. where you can be listed for free for people to find you then do get your details there.

7)    Check local media for new restaurants, bars or clubs each week and reach out to them when they are going to or just opened to see what opportunities they have.

8)    About the music, not all venues will be suitable so when you visit them do see which ones would match and be complimented by what you play and to have you play there. The venues and event organisers will know what kind of music they are looking for based on their music policy and their events so they should quickly be able to tell if what you are playing works.

9)    Of course you can always send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details as they are always looking for local DJs for different events around Hong Kong!